Las Maleantes



Bucht der Träumer & Sommerwerft – Summer 2023


Caprices is an interactive art installation that accompanied by binaural sound compositions, comments on contemporary society’s ironic and grotesque behaviors through performances. The installation features a female figure trapped in an analog photo booth, observed by one audience through a voyeuristic lens. Caprices challenges personal beliefs and offers a surreal escape, adaptable to any space and mounted on a mobile trailer for a sustainable and independent project.


Direction and concept: Las Maleantes & El Salón de los Invisibles

Dramaturgy: Maria de Prada

Performance: Adriana de Montserrat

Costume: Ngozi Goetz 

Sound: Arnau Montserrat  

Set design: David Rovirola, Martin Wöllenstein and Ngozi 

Production: Las Maleantes

Photohgraphy & Video: Andrea Rojas

caprices girl makeup


Scene from the performance 'Caprices' depicting a diligent donkey engaged in captivating work.
Scene from the performance 'Caprices' women looking to the tv
caprices girl holding candle