Las Maleantes


Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin – July & September 2021

Winner of the Fein grant, Neukölln 2021


“Kunstwagen: Series” is an alternative platform to open a door to these young artists who otherwise do not have access to the necessary infrastructure, financial or social resources to participate in the urban design. Using our portable stage, which is pulled by an e-bicycle, we parade artists through the streets of Neukölln (Berlin), to bring art to unconventional public spaces and show citizens the potential possibilities of creating from sustainable art. Moreover, we present different shows at Prinzessinnengarten, an urban garden open to everyone.

Through this project, we aim to create a network of young artists and creatives, to seek new forms of expression, where each member is free to present their ideas without conventional limitations.

Our program is intended for all audiences. We offer dance, theater and music performances, children’s shows and political and ethical talks. The integration of new technologies as an artistic practice is also very important.


Idea & Creation: Las Maleantes

Artists: Athenaïs Laffont, Arnau Montserrat, Juan Sebastian Aguilar, Thym Art, Anna Castillo, Adriana de Montserrat, Nick Dandelion, Mouralita del Kol, Dakota Comín, Rahel Robert, Corvin Schumacher, Eau Pâle, Lisa Ullrich, Ash Willison 

Set Design: Victoria Goetz

Photos:Athenaïs Laffont


FEIN Berlin, Prinzessinengarten, FLOTTE Berlin

Adriana Arnau Montserrat Kunstwagen Series


Nick Dandelion Kunstwagen Series


FEIN Berlin