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Humankind has always searched for perspectives and visions of the future, but through current developments the desire to envision a positive future has become ever more urgent. The collaborative virtual reality universe, Habitat 3000, represents different ideas and visions of futures that show us new possibilities of co-creation. Ecosystems are adapting and changing daily. How would they recalibrate under fast changing global conditions? What would plants and animals sound and look like? And what types of new coalitions could be formed amongst them? What would be the role of technologies and how would they interact with the organic world? What would be the colors, forms, and textures of the future?

Habitat 3000 allows us to start dreaming about what is possible again. Generating new references from the present to the future, it opens space for us to grow in a more conscious direction. Its mission is to re-appropriate a vision of the potential of social and political change.

Habitat 3000 is a virtual reality exhibition of interactive ecosystems launched by Las Maleantes. The exhibition is based on a research collaboration with different artists chosen through this Open Call. The exploration centers around the question of how to use virtual reality technologies as a tool to enact change. The proposed metaverses are coming to life through forms of gamification, immersion and interaction chosen by the participating artists. Elements of sound and vision add to the experience, creating a holistic vision of the imaginative future. Following their own rules, the environment invites visitors and users to be part of its immensity and to interact, experience and socialize in this imaginary future. By juxtaposing different landscapes and ideas, Habitat 3000 aims to overcome the apocalyptic vision of the future that is omnipresent in today’s society.

Las Maleantes aims with this project to promote new artists experimenting with virtual reality environments.


Las Maleantes

Idea, sound artist & art director: Arnau Montserrat

Art director asistent: Adriana de Montserrat

Content manager: Nelia Mayer-Rolshoven

Lead developer: Jordi Garreta

Lead visual artist: Stefanie Berkmann

Collaborative artists: TBD

habitat 3000


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