Las Maleantes



Lusatia Festival. Drebkau, Germany – September 2021


In 2021 Las Maleantes started a collaboration with Pachamama music Label, taking over the performative concept of their stage at the Lusatia Festival. Since then, the company is in charge of creating a different artistic proposal for each edition, performing during sets of different artists, among them Oceanvs Orientalis or JPatterson.

This cooperation was born with the aim of creating a new stage format at festivals, where physical theater and live music are integrated with the festive energy of the dance floor. Las Maleantes break with the conventional concept of entertainers at parties and clubs, going one step further and creating interactive performances with the audience and live music. Each performance is unique, which depends on the energy of the audience and the musician.

“Zugvögel” is an invitation to dance to the fantasy of the night, to the animal feeling, to the connection between dancers… A screen to reflect ourselves during the night, entering in a new world of fantasy.

This project is a dance and physical theater performance, a shadow game, where the interaction between the artists creates different images and the winged creatures are the protagonists.


Idea & Creation: Las Maleantes

Performers: Adriana de Montserrat, Ariadna Camps, Sarah Gascoin 

Costume Design: Victoria Goetz

Lusatia Festival Las Maleantes


Lusatia Festival Las Maleantes
Lusatia Festival Las Maleantes