Las Maleantes



Kabrise Residency. Grabowsee, Germany – August 2020


“Metamorphosis” is an Audiovisual performance which has been created during the Art residency Kabrise, at Grabowsee, Germany. This project explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy, questioning the severe restrictions experienced during the first lockdown of the pandemic and its impact on society and ourselves. How can we reconnect with our own natural essence in this dichotomised reality?

Performance, sound and projections come together to find their own universe, a universe that is surrounded by nature and new technologies, a combination that makes us consider how to create scenic languages where the artificial and the natural come together, disolving the rigid boundaries between organic and un-organic fabrics.


Idea & Creation: Las Maleantes & Cami Boreal

Performer: Adriana de Montserrat 

Sound concept: Arnau Montserrat

Visuals: Cami Boreal

Photograpy & Video: Hanna Tß


Kabrise Collective


Adriana performing Metamorphosis
Hands Adriana Metamorphosis Las Maleantes