Las Maleantes



Stadttheatre Spandau, Berlin – August 2021


Pomona was, in ancient Roman mythology, the goddess of fruitful abundance and life. She is the caretaker of the forests and ensures their cultivation. Like the universal mother, Pomona cares for her creations and is a symbol of unconditional love. Without reason, her energy and impulse ensure that the gifts of nature can manifest themselves. 

To commemorate this goddess, Las Maleantes present “Pomona”, a multisensory fruit ceremony featuring performance, poetry, storytelling, and electronic music. Where we can rejoice in ecstatic experience, stimulating us with aromas, sounds, and textures. 

Pomona (Adriana) interacts with the audience, sharing fruits in a playful and sensual way. Through this ritual, we create a safe space where participants can dance, feel, and connect with their own inner cultivation. An exploration of the fruits we carry and a moment of rejuvenation.


Idea & Creation: Las Maleantes

Performer: Adriana de Montserrat 

Sound concept: Arnau Montserrat

Vocalist: Athenaïs Laffont

Photos: Ohan Bey & Athenaïs Laffont


Camp Zipolite (MX), Château Perché (FR), Artlake Festival (DE), Cant Ricart (ES), Stadttheater Spandau (DE), Apricoc Productions (DE)

Adriana Pomona Hedone Festival


Las Maleantes Pomona Bucht der Traumer Festival
Andi Anden Pomona Bucht der Traumer Festival
Arnau Athenais Pomona Hedone Festival